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Car Servicing

Our Major Service is a comprehensive mobile car service. Your car will undergo a diagnostic examination that will help pinpoint all possible points for repair, particularly concerning the electrical and ignition systems of your vehicle. Apart from that, an exhaust inspection is part of our services, as well as inspecting and giving a report on the brake system. Other than giving out a complete safety inspection, report, and road test, our major services are also extended to:

Replacing old spark plugs
Replacing of lights when needed
Restoration of the sump plug washer
Greasing of suspension and steering
Changing of the engine’s oil and filter
Inspecting the fuel system
Inspecting the pressure levels of your tyres and spare
Inspecting all of the car’s hoses and belts
Inspecting and cleaning of the car’s battery and top up water
Inspecting and/or replacing of the wiper blades
Inspecting and/or replacing of the air filter, element, and fuel filter
Inspecting and topping up of all fluids and oils
Inspecting your cars test cooling system
Filling your cooling system with coolant

Are you looking to experience higher performance out of your car, and getting the most out of your fuel economy? Our team of mobile mechanics in Perth will help keep your car in the best condition using nothing but up-to-date electronic tuning tools. Get your car checked by our mobile mechanics by seeing firsthand how we inspect noise from lifters or tappets, by running a test on Engine Compression, do inspections on the Emission Control System, EGR operation, and PCV Valve operation.

As your mobile mechanics in Perth, we offer very competitive mechanical services and assistance. With us, you’ll find a unique overhaul that caters to every specific system such as your vehicle’s: -

Electrical System – inspect/top up electrolyte level, test starter motor, check power supply cables securely mounted, test alternator voltage output under load, test park neutral switch operation, check the battery, load test battery, inspect battery terminals.

Carburettor and Fuel System - inspect and check carburettor condition and security, inspect and adjust carburettor idle & mixture air speed screws, inspect vacuum lines & hoses and idle stop solenoid operation, replace air filter, replace fuel filter, check fuel lines, hoses and pipes.

Ignition System - inspect ignition leads for wear or burn marks, inspect ignition leads for security and mounting, replace spark plugs, inspect and adjust spark plug gaps, inspect main engine earth, check and adjust ignition timing to manufactures specifications, check colour and wear characteristics of old plugs and points, check ignition coil voltage output, check ignition coil for cracks or leaks.

Electronic Fuel Injection System - inspect throttle body, inspect fuel rail condition and security, adjust idle air speed, check and inspect EFI components for correct operation, check operation of injectors.