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Tune Ups

As mobile Perth mechanics, we also offer other notable services that focus on the tuning of your car’s:

Cooling System Service – By using pressure to test the cooling system and for leaks; radiator is replenished with inhibitor and coolant; inspections and replacements are done for thermostat and hoses if required

Engine Flush – Helps remove the build-up of sludge deposits, bringing the engine back to run in a smooth and cost-effective manner

Power Steering Flush – To experience precision in driving your car, a Power Steering Flush helps remove foreign objects that may cause an obstruction in the steering systems hydraulic components

Transmission Service and Flush – A regular upkeep of your transmission keeps its life longer; this type of flush and maintenance is also essential since it helps keep the gear changes to function efficiently

Fuel Injection – A routine service that will help keep your car running in tip top shape; signs that your car needs this kind of tune up is when you start to experience reduced levels in your vehicles acceleration or fuel economy, and flat spots in acceleration

Air Condition service – A service that checks your Air Conditioning, to help it run effortlessly during different temperature changes.