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Your life can depend on having well-tuned brakes!

Your safety on the road is our no.1 priority. That’s why we provide you with a Brakes Service that helps you check for early warning signs. Get your brakes checked by our mobile mechanic right away should if you are encountering the following symptoms:

Mechanic Mobile Perth is owned by Advanced Mobile Tune, Perth’s 30 year long established mobile mechanic business with HQ in Balcatta.

The brake warning light is on or is not working as it should
The pedal of your brakes starts to feel bendable, stiff, or near to the ground
The brakes start to make shrieking noises
When stepping on the brakes, the steering wheel vibrates, the car loses its grip, or the car hauls to the left or right side
It takes longer to make a stop when stepping on the brakes

The moment you experience one or more of these predicaments, seek a mobile break service from us. Our Perth Mechanics will make certain that your vehicle’s brakes run smoothly by giving it a complete diagnosis and service. We’ll also have your car go through the necessary procedures, and have it fit with the right products by offering you: Cylinder repair and overhaul, Hydraulic Cylinders, Brake Assemblies, Drum Machining, Springs and clips, Shoes, Drums, and Axles.